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Creating a YouTube logo will make your channel look more professional. This will not only attract sponsors, but the public can easily identify you as well. Indeed, you will give off a feeling that you really care about your chain. However, if the cost of a logo design with an agency is always high, you could very well create your own YouTube logo. This article will suggest some sites for you to create your own YouTube logo directly online.

Top 5 tools to create your own YouTube logo


DesignEvo is a free online logo maker that anyone can use to bring a project to life through a unique and eye-catching logo. With over 10,000 templates and especially templates specifically for YouTube, you can create your own YouTube logo. So, no matter your channel type: makeup, food, lifestyle, travel, etc., you will find free and professional logos.

If you choose DesignEvo, refer to the following steps to use it.

First, go to the DesignEvo and click on “Make a Free Logo.”

After that, you will redirect the template stock page. On the left, you have choices of categories. Select the domain that meets your theme on YouTube. After choosing a logo, enter the name of your YouTube page and enter your be slogan (if you have one) and press “Get Started.” Now you can customize the logo. Finally, to save it, click on “Download.”


This logo maker generates thousands of logos from a large library designed by professionals around the world. So, no matter what type of channel you are on YouTube, you will find a logo that will reflect you. Also, since it is available online, you will no longer need to install a program on your PC. However, you should know that once the logo is generated, to recover it, you must choose a package according to your request so as not to have a watermark in the middle of the logo.

How to design your logo with BrandCrowd?

Head over to the BrandCrowd site. Enter your YouTube channel name and then click on “MAKE LOGO NOW.” to create your own YouTube logo

Afterward, you will be asked to choose the logo that corresponds to your type of channel among those proposed. You can also use a keyword search to refine the search. By clicking on “More,” you can directly enter colors, font style, logo style.

YouTube logo. Then select the logo you want to use by clicking on EDIT. If you want to make other customizations, you can do so through this new window. Finally, when you are done, click on “DOWNLOAD” to download your YouTube logo.


Canva is design software suitable for all users to create a design whatever your type of project. Besides, thanks to its drag-and-drop interface, you can create your own YouTube logo in no time. As with BrandCrowd, you can also have access to thousands of fully editable logos on Canva. The logos are professionally created to meet various YouTube channel themes. Now follow the next steps to find out how to use Canva.

Now follow the next steps to find out how to use Canva.

First, go to the official Canva website and click on “Create a custom logo to .” create your own YouTube logo. You will be landed on a fresh page and select the logo that meets your request accordingly from the list on the left. Then make any changes you need to edit your logo. For example, you can insert your own photo, add text, change logo color, etc. Finally, click on “Download” to save your YouTube logo.


If you want to create your own YouTube logo, you can also rely on Placeit. This is an online site for creating logos, videos, designs, mockups, etc. With its large library of over 8,000 logo templates, you can create your own YouTube logo with your personal touch. Note, however, that you must either create an account or purchase a subscription to avoid having a watermark on your logo.

To use this site, follow the next steps.

Go to the Placeit website and click on the “Logos” tab.

Then enter the name of your channel and click “Next.” Next, choose the type of YouTube channel you have and hit “Let’s Go.” Many logos related to your request will appear. And you have to select the logo that you think relates to what you do on your channel.

Make any necessary changes. When you’re done, just click “Donwload” to save your logo.


To spice up your YouTube logo, you can also use FreeLogo Design. What sets this tool outstand from the others mentioned above is that it is accessible on both PC and mobile. Plus, you don’t have to shell out anything to create your own YouTube logo. You have thousands of high-quality templates, which you are free to customize with FreeLogoDesign.  

Follow the following guide to find out how to use it.

Head over to its homepage. Then enter the name of your company, select a category and click on “Start.” And then select your logo template and click on “Add.”

Make any changes you think are necessary: ​​color, font, shape, etc.

Choose a logo to create your own YouTube logo. When you are finished, click on “Finish.” Be aware, however, that you can download your logo for free but in lower resolution.


With any of these tools, you can be sure you can make a difference when it comes to your YouTube logo. This post recommends using them all, but you can also rely on our description to choose your software.

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