Sourav Joshi India Net Worth

When it comes to discussing about the net worth of famous celebrities how can one forget about Sourav Joshi. Currently, he is the top most YouTube vlogger in India with 19.1 million followers on 12th Jan 2023. There are many factors which contribute to his success and makes him so special.

Let us try to find what makes him so special and his overall networth.

Sourav Joshi Net Worth as per 2023 Estimates

One of the best things about Sourav Joshi is that he is an artist first and then a YouTube vlogger. He started his career as an sketch artist and gained popularity when he started with his second YouTube channel.

As per the current rough estimates his net worth is around $2 million which turns out to be 17 crore Indian rupees.

What makes Sourav Joshi so special?

There are many qualities which makes Sourav Joshi special and unique. Here are some of the major ones:


  • He is one of the most humble and simple persons which makes him really special. Most of the people relate to him easily. Inspite of being so famous and with huge fan following of 19 million he is still the next door boy. He carries his humble personality very easily and is one the main reasons which makes him so popular.

Recently, he was seen collaborating with top Youtubers such as Carry Minati, Triggered Insaan, Ashish Chanchlani and Harsh Beniwal for the famous OTT show Playground season 2 on Amazon shopping app. He went to Mumbai with his cousin brother Piyush Joshi.

Is Sourav Joshi losing his touch?

One of the major reasons for Sourav Joshi’s success is his ability to present his daily life content in a simple and humble way. But in last few months because of repetitive content the overall appeal is missing. As a result his channel is getting less views.

Also, recently Sourav Joshi entered into a controversy by saying that Haldwani city in Uttarakhand became famous because of him. After he said this, he was roasted by many people across YouTube and other online platforms.

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