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Spiced up with some of the refreshing and trendy features, Sector 17 of Chandigarh is remarkable. Blessed with some of the high-end stores and intriguing local boutiques, you will get a plethora of branded items and handcrafted items in the Sector 17 market. The market is a one-stop destination if you are a shopaholic. Along with these, Sector 17 is home to a wide range of restaurants and hotels.

With so many big brands assembling in Sector 17, this place has earned a lot of fame.

Sector 17 is referred to as the “Pedestrian’s Paradise”. This is because it is considered the ultimate destination for all party lovers, shopaholics, food lovers, and fun lovers. If you visit Chandigarh Sector 17, you will be amazed to witness the beauty of the place. Endowed with amazing fountains, tree groves, and interesting sculptures, visitors are taken away by the beauty of neon lights designed around the fountain that steals the night!

The Sector turns out to be more mesmerizing in the big open-air club when the winter sun and the golden hour treats the tourists flocking in the plaza.

This zone is marked with several attractive places that are major tourist attractions. Referred to as the “central hub”, Sector 17 has been a major hanging spot.

Tourists can walk around the plaza without worrying about the traffic

The best part about this place is that it hosts a huge number of concerts and events. Catering to the requirements of the shoppers, the place has a huge count of stores, dresses, shoes, food stalls, cafes, electronics, offices, banks, etc.

Gradually, in recent days, the plaza is not entirely deserted but the crowd has decreased to a great extent. The fountain still shines, but it is old and dejected with bare audiences. The buildings stand tall but are grey and weary. The sellers look numb and disheartened at the depreciating value of the place.

The special plaza

Everyone agrees with the lost spark of Sector 17. It’s even more daunting to see the financial losses to the vendors and shopkeepers there. Regardless of these facts, there are many sentiments and memories attached to the place. The Swiss-French architect, Le Corbusier constructed the entire plaza in a beautiful European pattern, thereby naming it as the “pedestrian’s paradise”. Architect Namita Singh, who has contributed to several UT administration projects, adds that the way this part of the square is distinct and separated from the roadside shops is what makes it unique from the rest.

17 sector market Chandigarh

What is the reason for the decline?

The point is, who do we blame for the sorry state of Sector 17? Well, it is a mix of all the administrative unconcern, indifference, and market forces that led to the downfall of the place. Nobody disowns the economic slowdown. However, being public property, the plaza must have been kept vibrant and refreshing to run the pulse of the Sector.

On one side, Sector 17 kept losing its charm, the Elante Mall on the other side kept gaining a lot of hype. The outsiders and the locals spend most of their time in the mall like they used to flock in Sector 17. But, it is only a matter of time. Beauty never fades, and neither will the charm of Sector 17. If you ever plan to travel down to Chandigarh, do not forget to visit Sector 17.

What to see in Sector 17?

Especially from September to March, the entire plaza is loaded with tourists. Do not forget to visit the National Gallery of Portraits situated in Sector 17B. It unveils the photographs of India struggling for freedom, the manuscript, and the rich historical and cultural values.

As it is a shopper’s paradise, shopaholics melt here. Do visit the City Center area in Sector 17 to grab some western wear, books, music stores, ethnic jewelry, funky shoes, etc.

There is an exclusive government emporium(store) that deals in Indian ethnics known as “ phulkari”. You can even purchase beautifully embroidered Punjabi-styled dupattas, the traditional toed shoes(juttis), and imported woolens.

The shops that offer handicrafts are opposite to what the modern fashionable shops have to offer. Sector 17 is a perfect example of old school and westernization!

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