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Everyone has a liking for gardens. Be it, children or adults, we feel a special connection with nature. Since our childhood, we develop our love for gardens. So, if you too love visiting gardens, you must try the Rock Garden of Chandigarh.

It is a unique garden which is acclaimed by the whole world. The garden expands over a land of 20 acres, amidst the woods. It looks like an open-air exhibition hall. Rock Garden is a fantasy land of landscape or art. The specialty of this garden is – it contains art objects made from urban and industrial waste materials. If you are visiting Chandigarh, you must visit this garden.

When you enter this garden, you witness how some surrealistic arrangement of boulders, rocks, discarded tubes, broken glass, broken chinaware, wasted bangles, coal, building waste, and clay can be transformed into a dreamy world of palaces, monkeys, statues, soldiers, women, and temples, representing a village life. Pools and waterfalls enhance the beauty of this garden. There is also an open-air theatre with a perfect stage. Different performances have taken place on this scenic stage because of its natural vibe and artistic structure.

About the creator

Rock garden of Chandigarh is a heritage site visited by artists from all over the world. People see this amazing creation with absolute admiration. The concept is very original and unique. Once you visit this garden, you cannot resist revisiting it. This garden was created by Nek Chand, who was actually a road inspector. He worked for the Chandigarh Capital Project in its Engineering Department. He used to collect stones with the bird, animal, human, and other abstract shapes while roaming on Shivalik foothills.

At the very beginning, he only collected industrial waste, urban material, and natural particles. Gradually his collection increased, and he thought of making a rock garden. This garden was accidentally discovered by Dr. S. K. Sharma, and later the Chief Commissioner of Chandigarh visited the place and decided to preserve it. In 1976, the Rock Garden was inaugurated.

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Why should you visit this place?

The rock garden is made of waste material. Nek Chand collected them and gave them the shapes of animals, humans, and other forms using his genius.

You will find all these pieces in an open display as sculptures in the garden. You can also see sculptures made of frames, forks, metal wires, mudguards, handlebars, caps, broken bangles, burnt bricks, and even human hair collected from the barber’s place. Discarded street lights, electrical fittings, lime kilns waste, etc are also used to make beautiful figures. This shows how can we used waste materials and create something beautiful.

The garden resembles a lost kingdom fantasy. When you enter the garden, the gate is very small, so you have to bow your head. This imparts humbleness and creates a royal ambiance. You have to pass many archways, doorways, lanes, and streets. All of them have different dimensions and scales. After crossing each section you get to see a new set of displays and chambers.

One can find suspense and surprise in every corner. The garden has fourteen chambers in total, a hut, and a pond. A part of this garden has a grand palace, waterfalls, miners, mountains, bridges, a theatre, and several areas for royal pleasure. The main court has a throne for the king, which has natural stones forming gods and goddesses.

The open theatre has a center stage which is one of the main highlights of the garden. Here, culture and art blend with the exotic and rustic vibe of the garden.

During the Teej festival, the garden is decorated, which gives a festive vibe. It is a special attraction to all the tourists. Young girls swing on the giant swings, and other women decorate their hands with Mehndi. Joyful songs are played, and all dance together. So, if you want a one-day getaway trip, a Rock garden will be the perfect place for you. During summer, you can visit from 9 AM to 7 PM and 9 AM to 6 PM during winter.

The entry fee is also Rs.30, which everyone can afford. So, do visit this place and see the wonder created by Nek Chand.

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