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Chandigarh is the most developed and well-planned city in India. Often it is also called the ‘City Beautiful’. But, Chandigarh has been always criticized because of its low number of malls with international brands. Then Elante mall Chandigarh was introduced, to maintain the standard of this city.

It is built following all the environmental protection guidelines. This mall has almost 218 brands, both domestic and international. The structure and ambiance of Elante Mall are very attractive and lures people from different places.

Elante Mall truly is one of the largest malls of Chandigarh, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, and Himachal Pradesh. It was established by Larsen and Toubro group. This mall is spread over 1.15 million square feet which makes it the largest mall in this region. You can find numerous local and international brands, entertainment zones, departmental stores, multiplex, food court, open space, and a hypermarket.

The design of the mall

This mall is designed by the world-famous architectural firm, the Woodhead. It is an Australian firm. All the projects done by this firm are world-famous. Elante Mall is no exception. One can enjoy entertainment, food, shopping, and gaming in this mall. So, you get all these under one single roof.

There are three separate facilities in the mall which are, office complex, shopping mall, and hotel with courtyard. This mall has three office space blocks with ground floor and three distinct levels. You can also find a great hotel in this mall. The parking area covers three basement floors which can hold 5800 cars. Moreover, they take very little charge for parking.

When you enter the mall, you will feel most comfortable. It ensures easy circulation and well-designed utility areas and service. There are 17 elevators, and 40 escalators for your comfort and accessibility.

You will also find three separate washrooms on each floor and wide aisle spaces which are 16 meters long. The ground floor is entirely made of Italian marble. At the main entrance, you can see the beautiful water fountains which enhance its aesthetic beauty.

Elante Mall Chandigarh Industrail Area

The history and success of Elante Mall Chandigarh

Elante Mall has been a grand success. It is also featured on the map of Chandigarh. All the brands are enough to serve your needs. This mall has something to offer everyone. Different events, brand promotions, and interactive activities take place here on a regular basis. This attracts more customers and they visit this mall again and again.

Some of the most popular events which are celebrated here are the Christmas celebration, Diwali Fiesta, Kids Carnival, New Year celebrations, and Baisakhi celebrations. Moreover, some promotions like Disney Princess Academy, Apple iPhone launch, Sony Music launch, and other launches have been conducted here.

The mall is made to match the best international standards. Feedback is collected from every customer before they leave the mall. All these reviews are taken into consideration before any brand launching. Thus, they maintain its standard and fulfill their customers’ needs.

What is inside the Elante mall Chandigarh?

The mall has three main floors. The ground floor has the finest coffee shops, beer café, continental cuisines, premium footwear, and premium watches. On the first floor, you can find, men’s wear, sportswear, footwear, accessories, and bags.

The second floor at Elante mall Chandigarh is mainly for women. You can find womenswear, children’s wear, toys, electronics, mobiles, premium jewelry, and kids’ entertainment.

The third floor has a huge food court, cinemas, pubs, restaurants, bowling, and family entertainment. The food court is 1,858 square meters wide and has 750 seating capacity. Here, people can enjoy different beverages and food. To enlighten your taste buds, you can try several international dishes as well.

What is Funcity?

As the name suggests, Funcity is a place where you can have fun with your family and loved ones. Different games and activities are available there. You can enjoy these amazing activities here:

  • Nail art
  • Face painting
  • Tattoo making
  • Mascot & portrait art
  • Hair braiding & Mehndi
  • Balloon sculpture
  • Magic show & puppet show here

You can also try bowling at Blu-O with some food and drinks. Moreover, the 9Di cinemas offer you the best cinematic effects with the 3D wind, rain, snow, bubbles, and moving seats. Elante mall has much more to offer. So, if you are visiting Chandigarh, you must visit the mall and enjoy its wonders.

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