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You can never separate foodies from food. In fact, you can’t separate food from our lives. And why should you even when the best thing about life is food? So what’s your favorite kind of food? We love vegetarian thali the best. There’s something beautiful and soul-satisfying about eating roti, sabzi, daal, and dahi with a delicious dessert in a thali. 

The curries and daals are served in cute little katoris (cups) and the rotis sit royally in the center of the shiny thali. Yumm! You are imagining it, aren’t you? 

To get the best experience of eating a veg thali, you need to know where to visit. Isn’t that the biggest issue? Not all restaurants and hotels serve delicious veg thalis, and choosing a not-so-good place can ruin the experience for us. 

Do you know some wonderful places that serve sumptuous veg thalis in Chandigarh? Yep. We’ve listed not one but five such places in different sectors of Chandigarh. Shall we take a look at them in detail? 

Sindhi Sweets Veg Thali, Sector 17  

Sindhi Sweets is one of the most noted and famous places in Chandigarh. It was established in 1976 and is one of the few sweet shops to acquire the ISO 9001:2000 certification. But Sindhi Sweets is not just a sweet shop, it offers casual dining and serves south Indian, North Indian, Fast Food, Street food, Chinese vegetarian dishes, with desserts and beverages.


The veg thali is one of the best in Chandigarh and comes in three types- 

  • Special Veg Thali: Dal, Paneer, Seasonal Veg, Jeera Rice, Raita, Achaar, Sweets, and Tawa Roti (3). 
  • Veg Thali (without onion and garlic): Same as the Special Veg Thali but without sing onion and garlic. 
  • Economy Thali: Dal, Paneer, Jeera Rice, Taowa Roti (3), Raita. 

 You can get one veg thali for appx. Rs. 250/- The economy Thali costs around Rs. 200/- 

In order to enjoy this amazing veg thali in Chandigarh make sure to visit the plan during the meal timings- 12.30 PM to 4 PM and 7.00 PM to 10.00 PM. Sindhi Sweets is comfortable for family dining with a clean space and good parking facility. 

Nukkar Dhaba Veg Thali, Sector 22  

Nukkar Dhaba is another vegetarian food place in Chandigarh, located in Sector 22. It is famous for North Indian, Chinese, Mughlai, and South Indian cuisine. The best part about Nukkar Dhaba is that it is inexpensive and also serves tasty food. 

You can find 7-8 types of Veg Thalis in NukarDhaba. Yes! 

  • Mini Veg Thali: 4 Roti, Amritsari Dal, Mix Veg. curry 
  • Veg Thali: 3 Roti, Rice, Amritsari Dal, Mix Veg. curry
  • Special Veg Thali: 3 Roti, Rice, Raita, Mix Veg. curry, Dal Makhani, ShahiPaneer 
  • Nukkar Veg Thali: Rice, Raita, Mix Veg. curry, Dal Makhani, KarahiPaneer, 1 Paratha, 1 Butter Naan 
  • Special Nukkar Veg Thali/ Sweet: Rice, Raita, Mix Veg. curry, Dal Makhani, KarahiPaneer, 1 Paratha, 1 Butter Naan, GulabJamun (2 pcs.)
  • Family NukkarThali (not available for parcel): Rice, Raita, Mix Veg. curry, Dal Makhani, KarahiPaneer, 1 LachhaParatha, 1 Butter Naan, 1 Missi Roti, 2 Roti, Paneer Butter Masala, Channa Masala, Rajma, GulabJamun (2 pcs.)
  • Chinese Veg Thali: Veg Manchurian, fried rice, chilly cheese noodles

The thalis start from Rs. 100/- (mini thali) and end at Rs. 3502/- (family thali). The assortment is just amazing, isn’t it?

Gopal Sweets, Sector 35 

Gopal’s is a multicuisine veg restaurant in Sector 35, Chandigarh. The place specializes in North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Street Food, Fast Food, and Sweets. 

Gopal’s is a great place for family lunches and dinners, with delicious food and ample parking space. 

Gopal’s offers three types of veg thalis-

  • Mini Thali: Salad, Dal, Raita, and 1 PaneerNaan 
  • Executive Thali: Salad, Dal, Raita, any veg curry, and 2 Roti 
  • Special Thali: Salad, Dal, Papad, Paneer dish, any veg curry, Jeera Rice, Raita, 2 Rotis/ 1 small Naan and 1 small Paratha 

You will need to pay Rs. 285/- for thali parcel. If you want to try something different, choose the Tandoori Sampler. 

Punjab Express, Sector 8 

Punjab Express is a pure vegetarian restaurant that serves yummy Indian food for an affordable price. The ambiance is just as good and pleasant as the food. It is located at Booth No. 75, making it super easy for people to visit the restaurant anytime. It also provides home delivery services which we believe is really Cool, right? 

best vegetarian thali

Bholey Da Dhaba, Sector 32 

Bholey da Dhaba is a vegetarian dhaba that serves North Indian and Chinese cuisine. The place is famous for its ambiance, polite and friendly staff, tasty and quality food served at great prices. Sounds like a complete package, isn’t it? 

  • You can try two types of veg thalis in this restaurant-
  • Special Thali: Dal, Seasonal veg curry, 3 Rotis, Raita, Onion, and Pickle (get an extra bowl of curry for Rs. 50/-)
  • Executive Thali: Dal, Seasonal veg curry, Raita, Onion, Pulao, 2 Paratha, Pickle, and 1 GulabJamun (get an extra bowl of curry for Rs. 50/-)

Both the thalis are priced well below Rs. 200/- 

If you think the options are limited, you can try from the various thali combinations the restaurant has provided to tingle your taste buds. 

Ranging from Rajmapulao to stuffed parathas, Lahori Kulcha, Cheese Naan, Amritsari Kulcha, Kashmiri Naan, Onion Kulcha, Potato Kulcha, Missi Roti, and gravy curries like Channa masala and Dal Makhani, you can pick your favorite combination to enjoy a hearty meal of veg thali in Chandigarh at Bholey da Dhaba. 


If you haven’t visited any of these places, it’s time you pick a time and plan a lunch or dinner with your loved ones. Good food and quality time with friends and family- the best combination for a happy life, isn’t it?  Do you know any other places that serve drool-worthy veg thalis in Chandigarh? Let us know in the comments below.

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