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Chandigarh is very famous for its beauty. It is one of the most visited cities in India because it has so much to offer us. There are numerous facilities for us to enjoy along with its shopping hubs. Chandigarh is not only the first urban planned city in India, but it also is the most renowned shopping hub. This city is most famous for its shopping options.

The shopping complexes have so many brands, both local and international, which are usually not available in other cities. In the past few years, Chandigarh has gained a good reputation in nearby states like Haryana and Punjab. So, all the shopaholics are attracted to this place as it offers them the best shopping brands. You will find cool accessories to trendy clothes, all under one roof.

The shopping places offer a wide variety of brands so most of the time you get confused between them. From formals to casuals, you can find all types of clothes in the Chandigarh market. So, you can never leave Chandigarh empty-handed.

Below, a list of the best 5 shopping markets is given so that whenever you visit Chandigarh, you do not miss these places.

Sector 8 inner market

Sector 8 inner market is one of the most famous markets in Chandigarh. From food to clothes, from street shops to international brands, you can find everything here. The great restaurants in the inner market offer delicious and authentic cuisines. You can also opt for the takeaway system and enjoy your food in your room. Traditional and dazzling jewelry can also be found here. The market offers everything that we need in our daily life. Stylish and trendy ethnic wear is the specialty of this market.

Sector 17 shopping plaza

Sector 17 market is also known as the Shopping Plaza which is at the very heart of Chandigarh. It is one of the most visited places here. This place is something to offer everyone. So, Sector 17 market can cater to everyone’s needs. Interestingly, it is also one of the oldest shopping markets in this city. You can find both, local and international brands here. From casuals to formals, from shoes to handbags, this market offers everything. Along with well-planned architecture and great sculptures, there is also a musical fountain for the entertainment of the visitors on weekends. Over the past years, this market has received a lot of adoration. This market is open from 11 AM to 10 PM on all days.

best markets Chandigarh

Sector 22 shastri market

This one is another must-visit shopping place in Chandigarh. It is also popular as Shastri Market. This market is especially for the young generation. You can find funky clothes, trendy footwear, cool accessories, stylish bags, and much more here. Sector 22 market is best for people who love fashion.

One can also buy salwar suits, oxidized jewelry, traditional phulkaris, from this market. On the weekends, the crowd is overwhelming in the Shastri market so if you want to take your time and shop peacefully, visit this market on weekdays. Sector 22 market is open from 9.30 AM to 10 PM. This market is only closed on Mondays.

Sector 32 market

Like all other markets in Chandigarh, sector 32 market is also visited by tourists. People mostly visit this market for designer clothes and brands. Even if you have a taste for non-branded clothes, this market is much to offer. Apart from clothes, you can find top-rated hotels and restaurants here. They offer great services to their visitors. You can enjoy the delicacy of different local and continental food items in these restaurants.

Sector 35 market

Sector 35 market is a famous hangout place for adults and young. It is one of the best shopping places in Chandigarh offering a huge collection of apparel, footwear, carpets, furniture, and many others.

One can also find different stores representing big brands, international stores, and food chains. Kid stores, bridal stores, accessory shops, home decors, you name it and it is there in the market. Because of all these varieties sector 35 market bustles with visitors all the time.

So these are the best markets that you must visit in Chandigarh. All these markets offer us a great variety of goods for a fair price.

Why should you visit Chandigarh markets?

There are many reasons for visiting the above-mentioned markets. Some of the reasons are discussed below;


All these markets provide us a wide variety of products. Different types of clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry can be found here. These markets have great designer shops along with many international brands. If you are a fan of local brands, you can also find those in these markets. Chandigarh markets can offer everyone their desired goods. Whenever you visit these markets, you can never leave empty-handed.


These markets are open almost all days a week from 10 AM to 10 PM. So, you can visit here according to your convenience. At night, the market looks beautiful with the dazzling lights coming from different stores.


The best quality products are sold in these markets. Chandigarh is famous as a shopping hub so only top-quality products are sold in these markets.


The pricing of all goods is done reasonably. They do not charge excessively for any product. So, there is nothing left for bargaining. The shopkeepers are very friendly and honest. They will help you if you get confused after seeing such a huge variety of products.


Apart from shopping stores, there are some other attractions present in the markets. Beautiful sculptures, fountains, music, and architecture enhance the beauty of Chandigarh markets.

Restaurants and hotels

In these markets, you can find the top-rated restaurants and hotels in the city. They offer a great variety of cuisines and luxury services. So, all these facilities make these markets really alluring for shopaholics. The entertainment, beauty, shops, brands, lighting, crowd, everything makes Chandigarh markets a place worth visiting.

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